**Special on Saturday night**

Requires registration to ensure the appropriate balance of participants. Note that successful applicants will miss the beginning of the cocktail party.

From the bottom of My heart:

Experimental Debate – To understand the experience and mentality behind the arguments

Time: 6:30pm-9:30pm, July.6

Location: TBD

Mediator: Mr. XiongHao is a distinguished law scholar, focuing on Alternative Dispute Resolution and Interdisciplinary Legal Studies. He is currently a PhD Candidate at Hongkong University and was a Fulbright Visiting Scholar to Havard Law School.

Topic: Behind every deep-seated belief there is always an understandable reason. It is the stories behind us that help justify our belief and disbelief. Experimental debate, intended to, through small group method, construct a discourse communication field where difference is recognized, experience shared, sympathy embraced, and introspection harbored, neither caters to nor flouts the zeitgeist.

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