GCC Day Schedule

July 6th

18:30-21:30 Experimental Debating

July 7th




Opening Session

Town Hall

Chapter & Personal Experience Session

Formal Networking Session



2:00 - 4: 30

Slum Simulation

2:00 - 2: 50

Workshop 1 Entrepreneurship Workshop

Workshop 2 Working in different country: Chinese working in America

3:10 - 4:00

Workshop 3 Working in different country: Foreigners working in China

Workshop 4 Women Leadership

4:00 - 4: 30



GCC Alumni Highlight - Jesse Appell





Opening Session

 Welcome to GCC Day! Short opening addresses will kick things off.

Town Hall

 What has GCC Global been up to recently? Current Officers will let you know!

Chapter & Personal Experience Sharing Session
 Select GCC members from North America and China will share a mixture of informative insight into how their local GCC chapter is run, what challenges they face, and any entertaining stories they may have! The goal is to generate discussion for the networking sessions later in the day.

Slum Simulation:
Have you ever imagined what life is like in places without electricity or telephone, houses without roof and toilets? On GCC Day, we will bring you a hands-on experience on what people from shanty areas go through. Through the simulation, you'll learn about the slum situation, make a living by making paper bags and most importantly, share your feelings and insightful and creative ideas for improvement with other participants. You'll be around with people from different backgrounds and professional staff. Sign up for this unique experience!

What is the current entrepreneurship situation in China? Join this workshop to discuss how a start-up company works, the challenges they face and the opportunities that exist.

 Working in a foreign country
This workshop's aim is to help students better understand the work experience in a foreign country. Hard to find a job? Encounter cultural inadaptation? Difficulty building effective relationships with colleagues and supervisors?  Let's hear from people who are working in foreign countries and hear their real experience and thoughts on this!

 Women Leadership
Women's advantage in the early stage of the career slowly decrease while they are climbing the career ladder. A study shows that only 20% of all the leaders in the different area – both public and private sector are women. What's hindering women from excelling? And what should women do about it?
GCC Alumni Highlight - Jesse Appell
Jesse Appell is the former associate director of communications for GCC Global and seeks to connect China and the West through humor. He is currently on a Fullbright Scholarship in Beijing studying Chinese comedy, particularly xiangsheng. Studying under the legendary xiangsheng performer, Ding Guangquan 丁广泉, Jesse has an insight into the performing art that few others have experienced.

An avid video producer, Jesse's parody of "Gangnam style" titled "Laowai style" has over a million views and has granted him appearances on various Chinese television networks. 

Join us in celebrating the success of Jesse Appell and listen to him talk about his experiences exploring China's comedic scene!

You can find out more about Jesse by visiting his website. http://www.laughbeijing.com/